Magma Mater

I am creekbed riding

image depicts the spirit that goes where it will imprinting the wind-wound.Fish-eyed, seed-sunk, and peacock-tailed

I am deep stone blossoms

turning cherry

on barkblack branches

heavy-laden and heaving in a sleepless rest


I am cliff dwelling

in whichway, richred, windwounding water

I am uplifting rifts spring wafting

        so loadedThe Stone Woman, bearer of all that exists on this hither side, still contains a side turned away that cannot be caught in a photograph anywhere. This ultimate side touches the deathless, timeless dimension of being called simply by many different kinds "Beyond" It's representation is simply a stone or a round.         

for erosion


Your will shall encroach me

Your rape shall free me

You shall leave me barren

I will feel for no thing

or place


Having let loose in me

I have lost these bounds

I have bent to you---Life

You fill in me wine

I am deeply blossomed stone, a waterjar


Poured through

I am pouring


And flowingThe Joshua Tree as a symbol for the deeply blossomed "stone" or "Tree of Life" First line of fourth stanza references line 105 of Spiritual Canticle Juan de la Cruz. Like wise the image of deeply blossomed stone a reference to "Dark Night", Cruz line 25-26. Is an image whose reference is antecedant the image for it has been (re) turned to life



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