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see Ovid, Metamorphoses
-------"Recycling" des Argos, Jacopo Amigoni (1730-32)
UNTOUCHABLES -stephanie pope

can’t fix it like a problem
it’s untouchable

can’t kill it off that easy -it
don’t die

jes bin sittin’ there
stickin’ like a yen
like when
ain’t bin runnin’
gits untouchable
dark and thicker than
a fifty headed cattle
burnin’ lie

think you’ll all be quicker than
this here Quickerman

never seen
the quirky way he fly

he steal the real
in a flicker, Man
take it way down where
your sleepin’ lie
he make untouchable
this thing he stealin’, Man
he make untouchable
this thing he fly
it ain’t no magic, Man
it jes untouchable
and what he wantin’
jes bin sittin’ there
it got a secret soul
jes betta best beware
the way you holdin’ it
he gotta yen for
cuz he bin stickin’ there
an he bin lickin’ air
a tastin’ what he gonna try

an’ you can’t fix it, Man
it ain’t no problem
it don’t have edges that are real
ain’t got you room enough
for where he taken you
n’it don’t have what any body feel
don’t have a bottom
don’t have a say n’you
n’you ain’t gettin’ it
any ordinary way
he gotta taste, though
what you ain’t tastin’
not gonna waste
what you don’t show
jes gonna rob you
a’playin’ innocent
he taken things where
no body go
he bin livin’ there
in all them pieces
in all the fragments
of a-part no body feel
cuz this his way, Man
of makin’innocent
from what’s untouchable
in ever’thin’ that’s rea

where soul-meander ran
he got this clever run
he got this clever pun
that runs away with you
he make you runny, too
you’re plain a-part in it
and pay the wander toll
what soul-meander stole
from fearless loser-man
jes makin’ art

N’ he’s the quicker man
n’he bin takin’ you
jes fifty head a’meanin’ at a time
downtown in lingo, man, (where he bin workin’ you)
like a wonder all along you’ve gone asunder
where he’s gone
to make the thing go

But, if you smell’n flesh down under the disaster
shoo fly, m'lass! try wonder backward ever faster
(even that won’t help you catch him
he’s a clever poetaster )

O               O

n’you can’t fix him like a problem
n’you can’t kill him; he won’t die
he still be sittin’ there a’stickin’
like a yen
or when
molasses ain’t bin runnin’ gits
dark and thicker than
a burnin’ lie



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