The Untouchable En Kata Poetry Series Stephanie Pope



--- ----------stephanie
the pure rivers soak in a gloss, a pane
the light, once bottled, breaks
& a secret thought at dusk now
a broken thing, crowds the city street
‘tween cobblestone and curb

the break-a-way happend
cloaks in hermes-dread
what pure rivers shed [ssss]

pouring drunken from the throne of gloss
the rivulets bare on every side
the midst of it

and rivulets bear on every side
and from the midst of it
logic flies hissing
fluids snake
neither in nor on this surface
but in
odors in the orderodors in the order
Eve of Light comes dancing edges
depths darken, logics dye
the untouchable flowers
an in-sensed stain

Art & Life by Walter Crane
Art & Life
-Walter Crane

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