Persephone's Bouquet En Kata Poetry Series Stephanie Pope

this heart's flower contained in her spiritual fruit
Persephone's Bouquet
apple blossom
-stephanie pope
seed-sunk and retained in her memory -regrew
a girl
like she
would have wanted
the flower

not sitting in shade
in the
(h)eat of devour
nor snapping the beat
without think without thank           without power

sometimes I can feel
through this whole in my art
order of odors
ensouled in a-part:
her word on a page;
its ask in our wage
that works like a-wake
through the junk in my heart

were a girl like she
to have wanted from me
and the ask in the eat
that she roared in the rage
and the worked up words
through the want
in the wage of a mind
in the
heat of deflower

may build yet a stage of this spot
and this (h)our
if I sink like a seed and I bleed
with the power in the soul of that art
from the low that I feel

from a girl like she
really wanting
to flower
who wanted for real

way down in the bowel
in the voice in the vowel
in the cup of the curl
I drink to that girl
wine glasses

-------she knew what she wanted
she wanted she wanted she wanted the flower



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