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Two Lips

She touches with her lips
already two and a-part, already the opening, the envelope for letters
names, forms, flesh, ghost, flower
for words written on & mailed in
her body of a-part reigns in
reigns in that flower
knows she holds the horrible lack
to what it wants & where the black
treads the petal red with [.....]
phantom senses she
touches with her lips
touches with her lips a tongue torn of silk & sin & surfaces abundant
an underground bursting up where readings drench the h's raining in, swallowed down, opened up
ever faded more in time, she lets in
neither one nor two nor petal
but cold & dry; already too much
not enough, less certain and more
she is a dry grief darkening the light
a letter in a lack mailed empty to the alphabet of white, unread and fed
the creamy lady (boney thin)
in suffering this thing

(because she meadow-ed in that envelope she touches)
  She touches with her lips this 'meadow in'
tries to stray & cannot speak while
wanting the ghost touch in the touching more, the one that hosts itself untouched
she'll vanish with this other grazing
beyond what summer later gazed upon
bleached & faded
breached & jaded
grey & shaded

imagination swallows whole her mythic mode of flesh still green with living
the rhythms of the past that darken soul
& pleasure by proxy what eyes her & lies
it still cannot keep from here-ing
in the meadow light those shades
and even though these tales trail brute swallow
the great shear threads that
once her own enjoyment, never loosen touch
never tighten lips
in what will horrify a sex
more chthonic than earthy
more earthy than earthly
& language here what leaves will feel
always underneath her
another value
(a horror of under-things underneath them)
as if underneath leaves, she
never quite where's herself
so must, in picturing what understands her,
wear leaving instead
and she will, at first, leave a hellish life
(not knowing how you thirst)
but then, she will again

a(d)dress upon
the gloss of leaf untouched 
an unsayable feel of springing
her desire no longer thinks
but drinks in real


the continuous contact
[.....] other
already two re-maining another, this image, she touches with her lipsmail
Author Notes:   This poetic experiment employs, acknowledges & allows involuntary memory free reign/rain to (de)re-compose. An involuntary memory is one choosing its own time and place for performance of what miracle (self) shapes it. Using imaginal-story technes of various kind, the rhythm variations or resonances retell in different planes/plains  in contiguous mythic dramatizations parts about 'playing the fields' in such stories as Demeter, IO, The Rape of Proserpina on the Plains of Enna, Hermes-Argus, Argus-Hera, Argus(panther monster) -Dionysos(panther), Psyche-Eros, etc. as well as feels along a field of ideas belonging to Luce Irigaray's sense of essentialism and the myth logics of Samuel Beckett's explorations in imagination.

Also employed is bi-directional storytelling. Click on the links within the poem story to vary the complexity of the story that is told. You can bypass the links altogether or merely click on one at random and bypass the next. You can read through the first time without link-clicking, then read through a second time with link-clicking. You can read the poem several times to achieve your own senses for what the poem conveys and then do the click-throughs and then reconsider your felt-sense. Bi-directional story-telling is an excellent poetic device employing the entertaining long-line in post modern epic story-telling.

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