Bottom Home En Kata Poetry Series Stephanie Pope

Bottom Home
-Stephanie Pope

She use to live there in Orinon
keeping house and a blue-green aquarium
where a shadow swam slow
in the vast and the low
in the underworld home of Orinon
What sits in the kitchen and
brightens encounter
living way down in Orinon
sits in the middle
announces in cleaning
a shining on every Saturday
back where a young life
lives in a good wife
living way down in Orinon
Announces one day a retrieval
one day in the midst of disquise
one day through the mist of a medieval list
still living way down there in Orinon
a spy from the center of cleanings
a soul from the shiny blue floor
a spy from the center of dreamings
made its way to her ivory shore
it was living way down in the under
sea-thundering harvest gold wonder
living unseen in the sea blue-green
bottom home kingdom of Orinon


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