125 melon
by stephanie pope
Those masterful images because complete
Grew in pure mind, but out of what began?

- WB Yeats


pair, the man, the day before a day of thanks, a given, a day set aside by
executive decision, a day, 11-26, a dark day (like today) but a place restored
instead to love, nature, unutterable presence throughout my creations,

disasters, myself
being with the mess, creating the dish, hovering over it
hovering over me like a shining—day, throughout the dark meat of an old
year; the right shade & the right moment in what lead by histories came back

to root again a natural music capable enough; in the ragged bone & jagged
edge in the shop, the man, a lovely man remembered and an uncommon holiday
lit again, without fear, a deeper story embering the darkest part of my ancient

year, a story dancing, round as fire, under the stars. I am thankful today for
many things—today set aside for remembering what forms a more perfect union;
a day of thanks & giving, not a Thanksgiving Day; a day the man

a lovely man
brought to the moment in the shop this shade to me
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