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Matter & Beauty
Mythopoetry Scholar Ezine vol. two Matter & Beauty
Flower Power
Ontogenesis & Psyche
-stephanie pope

it was 1969
it was hell no
we won't go

all along the angry fold
the dark-skinned lobesFlower Power, 1969 Deborah Kessler pencil drawing, computer enhanced
inseparable & old, bloomed

a necessary separation
by generation―
boomed [    ] unspeakables

(paid for still) lip to lip, a
myriad-eyed maiden
difference --a singing 

DIS son [ance] nature
beating & beaten;   " in "
it speaks, repeatedly &

deep, the blooming down the
arms of granny hands; shows
us how the unwilling moves

unwilled in O
who cannot discern
even now in the fists
her child of Nyx, 
her will, not willing but stuck,
powerless & tight with heat 

till the maid for animal Aides
in the heart of the eustress crown
goes into heat & the necessary angel

in the immortal fumer fumes 
unopened curls 
in formless tendrils of perfume
a wild shadow form is not lost
nor loss anymore where a mused
by weighty scent guides
the midnight hour in the
vegetal soul of the flowering
child with a taste for seeds 
& a nose for Nyx; just let her
undo what day has done
and do what day cannot

© 2010 Flower Power (Ontogenesis & Psyche) stephanie pope matter & beauty poetry series

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