magma mater-stephanie pope
  a mother had two children who were always fighting, so she sent one to the north and one to the south until they could get along. She sat in the desert with her basket and cried while she waited.

They never returned. The mother's tears filled the valley and she turned to stone  -Paiute Tale
Come forth, Galateia, and forget as you come—as I do,sitting here—to go home again.  -Eleventh Idyll, Theocritus

Creek-bed rider
fish-eyed, seed sunk, peacock-tailed
deep stone
blossom turned
cherry bark black
laden heavy heaving
in sleepless rest

whichway, richred, windwounded
uplifted rift
loaded for erosion—
your will
encroaches, your rape
it leaves
yet, leaves barren,
feels, but feels
no thing, no place

I am
left, loose, lost and
bend to you still
will you come to me
and forget to leave, as you come
O Deeply Blossomed Stone
murmur, as I do here
uprooted and flowing
the way you are pouring
the way you are bearing
pouring and bearing
desert tree goddess
as I do here

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