Death As Muse Part Three: GOD, God & gods an essay by cultural mythologer and poet Stephanie Pope for
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Death As Muse Part Three
by Stephanie Pope

GOD, God & gods: The Sequel

I will have to beg your pardon this morning. You see I’m trying to break into the business of GOD. My favorite theologian did this a long time ago and seems really good at doing it, too. But I’m only a fledgling and it seems the world GOD left behind is floundering badly these days.

That’s the way it is with GOD and probably what faith is really all about. I say Faith and not belief. There is no God or gods but GOD in the first place and nobody requires belief in GOD to operate the way GOD does in the beginning. In the beginning, there is no God but GOD. You can flounder for years with an act like that. George BurnsPretty much that is what happens to GOD. GOD’s career as GOD remains unmanifest the way the career of George Burns does during his early vaudeville days. George has got to meet up with the just right spark and so does GOD. And this is what will happen to GOD and George. Sparks will fly but the body is still no body, unmanifest… (…and, so is the act!)

GOD’s work as unmanifest form is dandy but beyond reproach and it soon becomes clear it requires of GOD some responsibility for what isn’t happening throughout GOD’s own nonevent. That’s when GOD decides to invent his own vaudeville act. GOD changes the act with great frequency just as George does until GOD hits upon the godhead and inaugurates a ‘his ’n hers’ role for himself. That’s the first notion Burns & Allenanybody has there is a feminine side to divinity and when you see something like that happening something new is taking over but, nobody knows what that is. There is a stage prop that stands in for this unknown third but I am guessing too many folks already think it’s for the birds.

What has just happened to GOD is called a role. GOD is to play the role of…well, God. It is the ‘his n’ hers’ role. You cannot really separate the role of God from the godhead. There’s no sex or gender yet. It is then and there God’s role is defined and God has now become involved in a world of his own creation.

Burns & Allen
This is probably why all the gods and all the humans are sexual beings and are having sex so often with each other. It seems GOD has become a straightman!  This leaves the godhead with all the good lines but a very bad reputation for stupidity.

GOD, who originally won’t have anything to do with sex or gender or time, has to set the timing not just between God and the godhead, but between the mortal and immortal workings and between men and women.  GOD does this by creating elaborate and humorous situations. And, that is what the laughter of the gods is really all about. If you take it seriously and don’t already know you are in a fiction, the story you are living can turn out badly. That is called tragedy.

Now GOD can manifest in the history of a people but the greater GOD doesn’t really stoop this low because to think of anything proximate as divine is a theological, conceptual error, a category mistake. Since I have that on pretty good authority I suggest we not make that mistake now, ok?

I think God also has another problem here. It seems now God is responsible for what happens to the godhead.  GOD was never to get involved in the here and now but God did and I think it was the damn godhead’s stupidity that God can thank for this. Now God will have to go to even greater lengths to extricate the godhead from the fictional consequences of her ‘zany’ personality. This is when God hits on a bright idea and calls this personality wisdom. Mere humans are inclined to call it iridescence but we are still sorting this thing out regarding the body and that one remains up in the air right now. Speaking of airtime…

In the modern age GOD can thank TV for expanding his own role as straightman but alas, God also realizes how TV does GOD in. With the advent of TV GOD in the role of God thinks up a new approach to entering history without also doing so. The new approach of television expands the straightman role and God is now able to step out of the situation and plot and speak directly to the audience before God steps right back into the action. He gives this idea to George Burns whose career also takes off.

But something goes wrong for GOD when it goes right for God. You see GOD sets it up for God. But, God took over right then and there and starts interpreting. GOD is wholly other, you see? GOD, really being unmanifest through television, is on earth and hell… even in heaven, always ultimately unknown and even unknowable by human and mortal knowing. GOD is a great monologist which means GOD can only be ‘known’ in an unknowing kind of way.

That is what faith in god means. Faith does not give knowledge and so it isn’t what you believe. You cannot become self-assured by faith. Your own stage career isn’t safe on the set by faith in GOD. That’s because there is nothing you can know and sense that is ultimately true based on GOD. Even though GOD’s approach to God and to the gods has provided me with my own niche as raconteur, I am going to fall short. God provides but you and I are always going to miss the mark.

The word for our own human misstep that will always sidestep god is hamartia. It means sinner. It means human and not divine storyteller. It means GOD set it up and God interprets it in the godhead with the interpretation taking credit for the whole thing. But, because I’m really just a sinner I can realize its TV anyways and turn the TV off using a remote control. I can do that because I have free will.

The lights go low right here. I am back to those sparks again and GOD’s monologue. It suddenly all seems lit from within itself but that means lit within no body. GOD is unstoppered and gotten around the ratings censors but god is no one save GOD and GOD is not one of us.  I understand this is very likely the way GOD in the end is going to disappear into the works. Say goodnight, Gracie.

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