wtc skyline 911
WTC -stephanie pope
  An offering
The whole of which is burned
Burnt Whole

Such a thing
Expressed like this
Is a kaustos holos, holocaust
Such a grief, stripped of its shoes
Must make the shoeless walk no doubt
Such a grief stripped down
Wears yet no loss of love
Heavily unclad
Grief is carried low in its belly

Borne down by its own weight
Forever dismembered
This first sharp pain that crashed its side
Pierces mine
0 how dearly
We are each in watching
See how out of the ashen fire
Comes a remnant people wide-eyed

Glazed with the
Prima materia
Of some new return

Author Notes:
the myth of absence & the absence (in myth)
Many depth thinkers now consider ground zero as the real changing of the ages & marks the beginning of the new millenium. This as opposed to the earlier Y2K computer phenomenon. Hence, in myth logical language, ground zero may mark the terminus and really be a landmark , de termini, where myths of absences sign into operation meanings for a mythless age.

The poem is written just after the bombing of the World Trade Center. Images in the first strophe are borrowed from holocaust poetry. Images in the second strophe juxtapose the Christian historical fixation of crucifixion. These are woven through the myth of the phoenix whose spiritual & renewing powers re imagine its rising as it was before, out of its own ash.

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