Planting Songby stephanie pope
for Jane Fields

Singing water
hunted and alive
long-haired spirit
hunt in the turquoise field
find there in the highland
where the heart lives
high above
where the heart lives
live you immortal and hunt me
live always what grew up in the falling
what still risks in me this climbing
whisper it gently to me like mothers do
tell me you grow in that face, the one
she'll slay and hang here...making me
making me all made-up like a turquoise tear
O live and still live
where no child is a song unloved
don't let the rain think, this rain we shall not see
don't let the rain think such tears are filling
she is not filling and can't be for
the taste of such tear is feeling in her root
the unwanted child loving this woman
unwished and singing of turquoise things
what now O tears
now that no one is feeling the child's love
loving anyway each kernel of woman
and planting each kernel like gemstone
in a field of celestial magnificence
O wet, wet wondering child of this rain song
love her lost (love her still)
through the black, black strands
strumming the heart of heaven
nurse each beyond strain and sing not letting go
sing too many while not enough; with not enough--sing!
sing even when alive is not god-enough and rues the day
is it woe, is it woe? Sing anyway
can love be god-less in a planting time not letting go
wish me wishes wish me rain wish me again this woman
wish gods to live and flesh when god is slain
O hear in the turquoise field the planting song unloved
and dare to love it not letting go
and wish it planted and with long hair singing
do not fail this halving life in mine
& wish me the other life taken, gift me the other life sown
wish me it growing and in growing
wish me what never lived in falling

(But, do not think this face forever lost in not-loved falling!)
and never think it not in feeling less than singing
hanging in the highlands of that childhood
hunted and alive


copyright 2001-2015


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