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Dreaming In Her Old Age
-Deanna McKinstry-Edwards

Mother's asleep by the window,
in her old age.

White faced owls
watch her,
drinking the language of unshakeable night,
their songs twisting in the wind.

Chilling the garden and sickle
moon, up on the hill
autumn ancestors
sharpen their memories
on pine breath and apples.

Francis McKinstryWhen you're old, sometimes
you forget to be old.
You're a billowing girl
drenched in skins of gold
riding a wild mare,
arriving, arriving...capturing things
on a map,
your nimble fingers stained with dawn.

But who will believe
how young you still are?

Then one day you're a leaf dressed in jewels
on the blossoming air of an unknown shore.

It all depends...
on the unseen hands and winds
which laid down their lives for you,
and those apples spoiling
under the apple tree into love's grassy wine.
It all depends, I suppose,
on how much you drink,
and how deep.

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Deanna Mckinstry_Edwards PhDAuthor Bio
Deanna McKinstry-Edwards PhD is a professional actress, singer, writer and poet.  Since earning her PhD in Mythology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, Deanna has merged her performance talents with her academic background in psychology and myth. She works with individuals who wish to develop their own authentic voice, and to defuse emotional inhibitions and beliefs that prevent claiming that voice. Her clients include artists, individuals in the media, corporations and corporate executives, and therapists. The “missing voices” in every area of life, Deanna feels, have contributed to deep feelings of malaise, within individuals and in the work place. Deanna facilitates the expression of the many and “missing” voices within each of us through singing.  Singing, the emotional indigenous voice of the soul, she feels offers an embodied way for balancing and integrating the turbulent, creative changes and challenges in our lives. Ten years of care-taking her mother, who was left “voiceless” from a stroke, continues to inspire Deanna’s work.  She is married to renowned voice teacher Robert Edwards, who has practices in Los Angeles and Carmel, their home.  Together they’re writing a book based on his work and Deanna’s PhD dissertation, Singing: Soul’s Mythic Voice

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