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Stephanie Pope "Reclaiming A Poetics Of Myth
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review of Riting Myth; Mythic Writing
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Stephanie Pope "Quiddler & Hide"
A Soul Retrieval Of Spiritual Disinheritances


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The entirety of society needs the feminine touch today. For centuries now, we've been in love with our hyper-masculine mechanical theories and mentally constructed mathematical equations, hoping they will provide us the absolute answers necessary for us to be able to control, predict and gain power over life.

At some point, we must admit that life is NOT fully mechanical, and that we can't figure out how all the pieces fit together so we can tweak them just so in order to control it. The subjective experience that IS life will not be so neatly contained in our equations. It exists in a deep sea of emotion; it loves, feels, dreams, imagines, needs, longs, aches and fears...and those aspects must be honored and attended to in any civilized society for its citizenry to thrive.

The assumption that we can inflict financial austerity on people to reduce the deficit ignores the subjective experience that is life itself...which ironically, is what matters most to us all. The feminine aspect within each of us tends to be more in touch with the subjective (inner emotional experience) while the masculine focus is on the objective (external logical expression.) Until we end this societal war between masculine and feminine, and end the longstanding masculine suppression of the divine feminine, we will be off the mark when it comes to species self-actualization. [unquote] ~Eileen Workman

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Splash Feature
GINETTE PARIS: "How is Psychology a Mythology?"


Ginette Paris, Ph.D.

"A myth is a fantasy, a preferred lie, a foundational story, a hypnotic trance, an identity game, a virtual reality, one that can be either inspirational or despairing. It is a story in which I cast myself; it is my inner cinema, the motion picture of my inner reality - one that moves all the time. No diagnosis can fix the myth, no cure can settle it, because our inner life is precisely what, in us, will not lie still."

~Ginette Paris, from "How Is Psychology A Mythology?

Psychologist, therapist and author, Dr. Ginette Paris is core faculty at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California, and Research Consultant in the Somatics Program. 

Her latest book isHeartbreak: Recovery from Lost Love and Mourning(Mill City Press, 2011).

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